Erika Olde-Coggin
Founder & CEO

Erika Olde-Coggin is an award-winning producer and founder of Black Bicycle Entertainment, the Los Angeles based production company that produces and finances commercial and prestige feature films. Her recent work includes Home Again, starring Reese Witherspoon, Susanna White’s Woman Walks Ahead, starring Jessica Chastain, and Whitney Cumming’s The Female Brain. Olde-Coggin is also a passionate global advocate for the advancement of women and gender equality and a TiFF Share Her Journey Ambassador. She created the IRIS IN Program for the prestigious Ghetto Film School, the LA/NY non-profit that provides educational opportunities to high school and college students passionate about making movies. Olde-Coggin is a voting member of BAFTA and has been featured in media worldwide including Variety’s “2017 Women’s Impact Report” and Forbes and speaks frequently about her work and advocacy.

Sam Roseme
Executive Director

Sam Roseme is executive director of the Erika Film Foundation and president of Black Bicycle Entertainment. He is an attorney with extensive experience working in all aspects of film production. His career has focused on advising producers, financiers, and independent film companies in business and legal affairs, financing, operations, development, production, and distribution. His work has covered narrative features, documentaries, television, and digital content. Roseme is a graduate of Columbia Law School.